Beyoncé’s Glorious Super Bowl Mane Was Made to Be Seen From Every Angle

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“Beyoncè doesn’t use a fan for her hair, that’s just the wind from God and Jesus running back and forth across the stage.” So proclaims a much retweeted sentiment after Beyoncé and her incredible hair (halo?) hit the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday.

Beyoncé’s Rubin Singer-designed leather Super Bowl bodysuit may be getting all the attention today, but her hair took on a life of its own during Bey’s performance. (You could even place bets with sportsbooks on how it would be styled.)

If your bet was on “honey blonde windblown fierceness,” we hope you took home a lot of money, because that’s precisely what it was. Even the venerable New Yorker noticed, using the following analogy for her stage show: “What was intended to create excitement just created a tangle of visual wind. But wind lifts things, like Beyoncé’s hair, so it didn’t matter.”

Some lucky fans are blessed by Bey's hair

And wow, was Beyoncé’s hair lifted. Another common joke circulating on Twitter last night was that there were so many curling irons and wind machines used for Beyonce’s hair that the power went out. We’re still waiting for the hair guru responsible for her waves and volume to come forward and take credit for that masterpiece but we do know that colorist Rita Hazan did Bey’s color.

We caught up with Hazan to get the scoop on the process behind Bey’s golden mane.

“Beyoncé has a chocolate brown base to give it the dimension and a variation of blonde highlights,” Hazan explained. “Light golden blonde and platinum blonde, along with some chunky highlights and some color variation on the ends so that when she flips her hair around you get the sexy color from every angle.”

Now that’s some serious attention to detail, basing your color on how many times you plan on flipping your hair. Of course, we’d expect no less from Queen B.


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