Virgin Hair

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When shopping for hair extensions, some of the terms can be confusing for beginners. Terms like human hair, Virgin hair, Remy hair and generally just what hair extensions are made of. Some things may surprise you.

For us here at Studio40, great hair extensions are a passion!

Lets start at the beginning:

Hair for extensions can be made of many things....


A lot of the less expensive hair sold is a combination of synthetic, animal and human hair. When it is processed, it can looks just like 100% pure when it is new. But often after only one wash, it will loose its beauty and get tangly. Why this happens will be the subject of another posting.

However, here is the catch....any one of the above mixtures can be called 100% human hair. There is no law stating that it must be 100% human. If the hair is very inexpensive, rest assured it will be a mixture no matter what the seller claims. But unfortunately, not even price is a sure way to know what you are getting if you come across an unscrupulous seller.

Let stay with 100% REAL human hair. 99.99999% of all hair on the market comes from China and India respectively. It can be called European or Italian, because it is in the style of European Caucasian hair.

Two terms are often used in describing hair and often the meaning is not understood even by sellers.
They are Virgin Hair and Remy Hair. Often the two terms are used interchangeably as meaning the same thing. But this is not true. There is a difference.

Virgin Hair


Virgin hair is ALWAYS Remy hair, but Remy hair is not always Virgin Hair!

Virgin hair means that the hair used for the extensions must be ALL of the below:


All other extensions that you see for sale, have been treated by bleaching, coloring and sometimes texturizing  to produce a homogeneous product. This treatment is very taxing on the hair structure. This is why hair extensions only look great for a certain amount of time and then have to be replaced.

However, if you can find real Virgin hair, it is the non plus ultra of hair extensions. There is no better product on the market for extensions. Real virgin hair lasts a very, very long time when used as extension hair and if it is cared for properly. Longer than any other type of hair. Sometimes for a year or more. It can be colored to match your hair, although all Virgin hair will be naturally dark.

If you see long hair in blond colors on sale for extensions called Virgin. do not believe it. Often times the sellers may not even know what Virgin really means. Blond virgin hair virtually does not exist in bulk. The only virgin hair sold in bulk is dark in color. There are simply not enough light haired people on the planet to make lots of long blond hair for extensions. Very, very seldom will you find real Virgin hair that is dark blond from South America or Russia, but it is very, very rare and expensive. Again, if someone claims their hair is from these places....check their credentials! A lot of people are earning money by making these claims.

Stay tuned...and we will discuss exactly what real Remy hair is next time!


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