Hand-tied vs. Machine Weft

Posted On: 2013-02-18 10:58:24 ; Read: 214 time(s)

The hand-tied hair is a much smaller and thinner weft than the regular machine wefted hair. These wefts are handmade so that the hair is more secure and allows longer wear per track than the regular machine wefts. It dramatically reduces shedding! The hand-tied weft also reduces the bulkiness of the track when it is weaved on. This allows the hair to flow much more freely and provide a lot of body.

Each of the hand-tied wefts we have available in different lengths and textures are approximately 10" wide so that the whole piece is to be used without being cut. It is advisable to use the whole piece without cutting it. If the weft is too long for the track, then fold over at the end and continue to finish the piece.

This is for weaving only. Although, some have tried to use the hand-tied hair to bond it on, but due to their small weft it's very difficult to apply the bonding glue onto the track without getting it on the hair. This creates a very messy situation!

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