Hair Length Guide

Virgin Hair Extension Length Guide


Women who wear hair extensions use them to achieve styles and textures that they cannot with their natural hair or to protect their hair from the effects of regular styling. Hair extensions are used by woman for an array of reason:  some use it to add length, texture or color without having to compromise their own hair.

Curly vs. Straight Hair Extensions

As you decide on a length, take time to pick whether you want curly or straight hair extensions. Curly extensions tend to look slightly shorter than straight extensions by 1-1.5” due to the texture of the hair and depending on the tightness of the curl. For curly hair extension, you may want to go one size longer than you would if you're planning to buy straight extensions.


Straight Hair- Tips for picking length

  • How tall are you? Average female is 5Ft7inches.  This guide is based on the average height; taller woman can wear longer hair and will still appear natural based on your visual proportions. For women who are shorter, 2” inches can make a huge difference on where the hair falls.
  • Are you wearing Layers? If you are going for Dramatic layers, you want to buy 4” layers, 26”,20”, 16”. This will give you full natural layers and will reduce the amount of hair cut off during later blending. If You want a natural layer, a 2” layering, 26”, 24”, 22”, layers will give you the fullness your are looking for.
  • What look and style do you want to achieve with Hair extensions?  When deciding on hair extension lengths, it's also important to consider how natural you want your hair length to look. If you want a natural look, 16”-22” hair extension are your best options. A shorter length is an ideal option for those who want to opt for an all-natural look.
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