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About us

A Woman's Hair is her Crowning Glory! Alexis Bell ( CEO, Founder of Sublime Hair, & Hair Extension Specialist) is deeply aware of that and caters to the notion. Everyone knows that beauty comes from within, but as they say "If your hair is flawless and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything." Sorry, can't do much about the shoes, but can certainly handle your hair needs. 

Sublime Hair by Alexis Bell is one of the leading retailers of premium Virgin Human Hair Extensions and Hair Prosthesis since 2012 from Berkeley CA. Our hair is imported from all corners of the world providing variety and extensive options for your custom Hair Replacement Prosthesis or Hair Extension Purchase. Alexis Bell works directly with the manfucturer in India and Europe enabling Sublime Hair to offer exclusively the finest of hair. Sublime Hair Extensions are offered for both retail and wholesale. Sublime Hair Replacement Systems and Hair Extensions come directly from the specified country of origin. The hair is not chemically treated or processed, keeping the cuticle intact, aligned, healthy providing extended life of the hair and adding to the natural look and feel.


Mission Statement

Alexis Bell want all women to feel beautiful, empowered and ready to take on the world. Sublime Hair are made from the highest quality hair so you will always step out radianting with confidence because when you look good, you feel good. Sublime Hair by Alexis Bell mission is to provide a variety of premium beauty and health products at competitive pricing while delivering exceptional customer service and support. We will ensure this by first selecting quality and lavish virgin hair extensions from around the world, in a range of textures, styles, and lengths. Alexis Bell works closely with international manufacturers, hand selecting all of our human hair to ensure that our clients are receiving premium product in every purchase. Our imported virgin human hair extensions seamlessly blend with all hair types. Only working with select manufactures allows us to offer hair a variety of premium hair to fit any texture and add to your own natural beautiful hair.

We have to exclusive selections




Vision Statement


Alexis Bell is focused on fulfilling the need of every client. This is done by first offering premium product and secondly by a staunch commitment to excellent customer service. At Sublime Hair Extension Bar, located in Berkeley CA, our hair loss experts will work with you to tailor- fit the right custom hair replacement solution for you. We understand that every need is different this is why we reject the one-size-fits-all approach but instead tailor each product to the customer. We are dedicated to providing custom-tailored, undetectable hair replacement, recovery and resolution options made from only the best Virgin Human Hair. Our hair is superior to others and the proof is in the longevity of the hair and compliments you are sure to receive. Allow Studio40 to enhance your look and bring out more self confidence as our hair truly becomes an extension of you, premium, elite and flawless.


Who is Alexis Bell?


Welcome, and thank you for visiting Sublime Hair by Alexis Bell.  What better way to spread our fierce message than to make you look beautiful?  I view hair as an artistic form of self expression, and a manifestation of one’s own idea of self beauty.  I genuinely hope that we are able to aid you in being a more confident you. We humbly invite you on this journey of playful creativity and bold self discovery.  The path to splendor starts today.”   


~Shake dreams from your hair

Alexis Bell CEO Founder of Sublime Hair

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