Wigs 4 Kids Presented by Cake Foundation


Greetings everyone,
Thank you all for your involvement with The C.A.K.E(Caring About Kids Everywhere) Foundation charity.
The CAKE Foundation, is a 501(C)3 organization that offers enturpanurial programs to at risk and low income youth. Teaching them from an early age how to become business owners and contributors to the community. The CAKE  Foundation  also gathers funds via donations, to purchase 100% Human Hair Wigs, customized for children, that we donate to children cancer patients all over the U.S.
The CAKE Foundation in our first year of operation, has earned a reputation as a reliable and enthusiastic organization  from CNN. We are calling on you in hope you might want to perform a notable act of philanthropy and help sick children.  
Our Event will be help at Saint Jude's Children Hospital in Memphis once we reach our goal our raising 100 Wigs-4-Kids. The Concert will me aired on the CNN during the MicheaLA Show. 

All the money donated to, and raised by the C.A.K.E foundation will be used to purchase human hair wigs customized by professional cosmetologist, for the cancer patient children. We are accepting donations starting as little as $97 which is the cost per custom human hair wig. 
Thank you for your understanding and support. "Happiness is C.A.K.E"! And with your help the CAKE foundation can continue to inspire, empower and encourage children everywhere!
CAKE Foundation
SONG- ROAR BY Alexis Bell  https://youtu.be/nP5tuYiiCec 


Why is Sublime Hair Donating Wigs?

Our goal is to inspire, encourage and empower all youth through various creative acts. Sublime wigs are tailored for children specifically. Wigs offer a multitude of psychological and emotion benefits for hair loss especial for children. So much is taken away that Sublime Hair wants to help children and their families take some control back. Wigs can help people with hair loss feel normal like they aren’t sick

I can walk down the street with my wig on and no one can look at me like “she has
’ (
Jazmine Johnson age 10)

Wigs can help young adults & adolescences feel like they fit in. Their loss can create anxiety & stress as the sense of being able to see their image as it was before has been lost. As Founder of Sublime Hair, Alexis will be raising money to donating 100 human hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

Wigs are made with 100% Virgin Human Hair


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